“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36

About Walter Santos

As a professional percussionist, Santos has played with the "Who's Who" in the world of modern jazz and rock music. Now he sings and plays for the only one "Who" that matters: Jesus Christ.

Born in New York City, Santos learned percussion in the deep ethnic neighborhoods of that city. He grew up during a time (in the late 1950s) when "Doo-Wop" became particularly popular. Santos got his first break in the music business by playing percussion at Carnegie Hall on the same bill as the legendary jazz group "The Jazz Crusaders." and George Benson. That introduction eventually opened doors for him to play with other renowned jazz musicians of the time, including Weather Report, Wayne Shorter, Charles Earland, Stanley Turrentine, and Les McCann and many others.

Later, his talents as a percussionist allowed him to play along with such famous bands as Charlie Daniels, Moby Grape, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Outlaws, Pure Prairie League. But he had a terrible secret that was destroying his life -- he was addicted to drugs, a habit that nearly had him sentenced to life imprisonment. Then finally Rock n Roll hall of fame Icon Dion Dimucci of Dion and The Belmont's fame showed him the way home to Jesus Christ.

Now Santos tours the world constantly sharing the good news that has truly set him free. Why not bring him to your town so he can sing and share hope into everyones heart where you live? Just go to the contact link HERE and let him know.


As a super percussionist, Walter Santos toured nationally in the United States with a who's who of the music business, such as Weather Report and Fandango, sharing tour dates and stages with The Charlie Daniels Band, The Outlaws, Pure Prairie League, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Moby Grape, Judas Priest, and the Marshall Tucker Band.

But he had a terrible secret that was destroying his life -- he was addicted to drugs, a habit that nearly had him sentenced to life imprisonment. But then a miracle began to happen in his life when former teenage idol Dion, who had such hits as "A Teenager in Love," "Runaround Sue" and "The Wanderer," told him to totally give his life to Jesus Christ. He did and later was completely delivered from his habit at Calvary Ranch in San Diego, California.

Being from the mean streets of the Bronx, he always loved Doo-Wop music, but he now calls it “Born-Again Doo-Wop” as he has added Christian lyrics to the songs that so many growing up in the fifties and sixties loved.

On November 3, 2006, Santos drove to Anaheim, Ca, to pick-up his new CD project – StreetCorner Symphony, Volume Two. The trip was a reflective one – thinking about the production over the last ten months and all of the hours, hard-work, and prayer that took place – and now the project was finished.

“The goal of the team for StreetCorner Symphony, Volume Two, was to capture a 50’s/60’s Doo-Wop sound with a live-concert feel using cover songs and originals,” he said in an interview. Santos always says that when he got born-again, the music did too. He has been singing this style of music for many years. His first Doo-Wop CD, StreetCorner Symphony, Volume One, has proven to be good “fishing bait” for people “just waiting to meet the Lord, but not knowing it.”

He says that the production staff wanted StreetCorner Symphony, Volume Two, to be a continuation of what God had started in Volume One.

“After listening to the final product, I was convinced that the goal had been more than accomplished and the expectations and vision were overwhelming met,” said Santos. “God is faithful and truly is ‘large and in charge’ of every area – including CD orchestration, design and production.”

JL Seville, who produced and arranged StreetCorner Symphony Volume One, started working on the project in February doing the enormous amount of pre-production planning and framework. JL is the former musical director of the Doo-Wop Society in Southern California. Patrick Duffin was called-up to facilitate the engineering functions and co-produce on the project. He also worked on StreetCorner Symphony, Volume One.

Here's a shot from the Bronx with the king of the NY Streets "Dion" He saved my life back in 1981, introduced me to the real King, JESUS!

“These two guys are truly a ‘dream team’. Their God given gifts and talents go beyond the norm and are really the backbone and the glue of this CD,” he continued.

The project starts out with sound effects of the city put together by Sean Duffin; and a “welcome back” by Santos - picking-up where StreetCorner Symphony, Volume One left off. Then – the music begins. One after another, the songs reflect our love for Jesus and His love for us in a variety of Doo-Wop styles from sweet and tender to energetic and upbeat.