“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36

Addiction Help

What has brought you to this place? Have you felt moved to change your life for the better? Have you been guided to look for help and support so you can quit the loneliness of addiction and rediscover a life of grace?

For many people, recovery from addiction is greatly enhanced when it is grounded in spiritual principles. Instead of turning to drugs or alcohol, find meaning and purpose by receiving treatment for addiction and at the same time growing in a relationship with God.

The goal of recovery is not only to stop drinking or using drugs, but also to change the very direction of our lives. Ultimately, we want to know God, grow in our relationship with Him and begin to live lives that honor Him. This is the backbone of our recovery. Christian recovery programs helps to facilitate this relationship while helping addicts to seek biblical wisdom on addiction and recovery. Many of us have been Christians, but we’ve watched our addiction make shipwreck of our faith. Christian rehab can help to put us back on the path of faith. We come to know God’s love and grace for addicts while studying the Bible and reestablishing our Christian spiritual practices.

If you are battling addiction and you want to get well, there is hope. A Christian program of recovery can work for you. For more information, here are a few websites you can visit: